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  4. Enter the price you would like to receive (keep in mind that the commission of 33% is based on the original selling price - please be realistic).  A typical price for marching band uniforms is $15 to $30 per uniform set.  Consider the popularity of color and style, condition,  number offered and how fast you want them to sell.  Multiply by the number of sets you are offering for your total asking price.  If you are unsure, just note that below and we will contact you to help with the pricing:

  5. Enter the Shipping Price if you intend to ship the item yourself and feel you can provide a flat rate to any U.S. destination. (Useful for small sets e.g. flags, guard uniforms, etc. that can fit in USPS flat rate boxes.)  If you would like to utilize the MarchingLinks.com freight service (we arrange all shipping details and the freight company picks up at your location at your convenience.  No need to front shipping costs), note that here.  The buyer usually pays the shipping.:
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  7. Please tell us how you would like to forward images of your item. You may  email them, post them online for us to copy or send photos to be scanned. Let us know and we will contact you regarding the details:

    A sample uniform (indicative of the general condition of the set, i.e. not the best, not the worst) is to be provided to MarchingLinks.com.   This will be used as a sample to prospective buyers and to help us in completing the photos required for the ad if more detail is needed.  You will be given an Item# after you submit your information.  Include this number on your package.  Please mail a 40 Long jacket and a 34 waist pant sample uniform to the following address:

    110 Butler St.
    Ebensburg, PA 15931
    Attn: Your School Name and Contact Person Name

    For more information or to speak to us personally, please call 814-244-3532.  We'll be happy to help you with any questions.



MarchingLinks Form for listing uniforms

Please fill out this form as completely as possible and we will get right back to you to discuss your submission.  If you have an immediate question, please feel free to call 814.244.3532. 
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