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Used Band Uniforms

Terms of "For Sale" Ad Submissions

Items for sale may be listed with MarchingLinks.com at no initial charge to the seller. Upon sale of the item, MarchingLinks.com charges a 33% fee for listing the ad and pictures, marketing the item and providing a secure transaction.


Uniforms listed with MarchingLinks may not be sold or listed for sale elsewhere.

 Just as you can't contract/list your house with multiple real estate brokers at the same time, we do not allow outside sales once your item is listed with MarchingLinks.

This is how it works:

1. You list your item with MarchingLinks.com by filling out the form on the next page.

2. MarchingLinks.com will post your ad, at no charge.

Additionally, MarchingLinks.com will post as many images* as necessary to accurately show your item and will also actively market your item.

3. Upon agreement of sale of the item, the buyer sends the funds to MarchingLinks.com.

4. When we receive the funds, we OK you to send the merchandise to the buyer.  (Please note that the selling school may utilize MarchingLinks.com's freight consolidator to handle all details of the shipment in which case MarchingLinks.com will pay the freight directly.  Otherwise, the selling school may use its own shipper and will then front the money to ship the uniforms.  As part of MarchingLinks.com's secure transaction service, no funds will be disbursed to the seller before receipt of the uniforms by the buyer and subsequent release of the funds following inspection of the shipment.  Shipment of marching band uniforms, due to size and weight, can be $400-$800+.  Selling schools, please budget accordingly for shipment of uniforms if you do not plan to use our freight consolidator services.)

5. When we hear from the buyer that the merchandise has been received in good condition and as described, at our next check cutting date we release the funds (minus the 1/3 fee) to you, the seller, if you are a school district, band or other non-profit and have not purchased your uniforms at auction.  For for-profits and lots that have been purchased at auction, the split is 50/50.  At this point, the seller is also reimbursed the shipping cost as quoted in their estimate if MarchingLinks.com's freight consolidator was not utilized. (The shipping cost is not subject to the 1/3 commission.) Please note, MarchingLinks.com cannot forward the funds to the selling school before the buyer has received the items and released the funds. This is part of our secure transaction service for both buyer and seller.

6. Any communications, questions, etc. between buyers and sellers are emailed through MarchingLinks.com

7. If the item is not sold (very  unlikely),  you do not owe a penny!

It's that simple!

Requirements of Listing School or Organization

1.  All organizations posting an ad agree to provide Marchinglinks.com with a reciprocal link at their site, if that organization hosts a website.

2.  All organizations posting an ad agree to provide a half-page sponsor ad in their competition program (indoor and outdoor), if that organization holds music-related competitions.  Think of the other listing schools doing the same for you all over the country.  This helps us bring quality leads to our website, strengthens our marching community and helps to sell your item! 


Terms of Publication and Sale

These are the legal-type things that we need to include:

1. MarchingLinks.com only provides ad postings free of charge. We do not guarantee any sales or positions.

2. MarchingLinks.com will not be held responsible for any damages, real or imagined, resulting from the publication of ads.

3. All ads will be published at the sole discretion of MarchingLinks.com. Ads with inappropriate content will not be posted.

4. MarchingLinks.com reserves the right to remove any page or ad at any time for any reason.

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