#1 For used marching band uniforms for rent/purchase

Used Marching Band Uniforms FOR SALE Form

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Upon request, a sample uniform (indicative of the general condition of the set, i.e. not the best, not the worst) is to be provided to MarchingLinks.com. This will be used as a sample to prospective buyers and to help us in completing the photos required for the ad if more detail is needed.

 You will be given an Item# after you submit your information.

Include this number on your package.

Please mail a 40 Long jacket and a 34 waist pant sample uniform to the following address:


226 W. High St. #C

Ebensburg, PA 15931

Attn: Your School Name and Contact Person Name

For more information or to speak to us personally, please call 814-244-3532. We'll be happy to help you with any questions.