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Giving a new life to an old set of uniforms is not only a great way to outfit your band on a small budget, but also a great way to help out another band by returning much-needed funds to the selling school's music program.  Customizing a set of band uniforms to your needs is simple and inexpensive.  Here are clever ways to overcome some common difficulties:
1. "There is a school name on the sleeves on the jacket."
Using a seam ripper, embroidered school names on sleeves can be carefully picked out leaving a blank canvas for your own school name or simply leave the sleeves blank.  It takes approximately 20 minutes per jacket.  This is a great job for band parents or responsible students.
2. Embroidery can also be covered with your school's patch.  Contact an embroiderer in  your area to design a patch to cover the current identifying information.  Patches run from $5+ depending on the number of stitches and the number of colors requested.  Many bands are able to find an embroiderer to donate patches or provide them at a significant discount to help outfit their community's marching band with "new" uniforms.
3.   "There is a patch on the jacket and it doesn't match our school's colors or mascot."
Sewn-on patches can usually be removed resulting in either a blank jacket or a blank canvas for your own school patch to put over it.
4.  "The colors are close to what we want, but not quite right."
Consider embellishing the uniform with a baldric in your school's colors, adding a cape, adding a school-colored trim to the sleeves or sewing on a colorful mascot patch.  These inexpensive techniques can help add the right amount of school color to that uniform.
5. "The ad says that the uniforms will have to be dry cleaned when we receive them."
In most cases, uniforms are pretty clean, but a dry cleaning prior to wearing them is recommended.  Many bands solicit reduced or free dry cleaning services from a local provider who is eager to help the local marching band get a "new" set of uniforms.  Offering advertising in your program or on your band t-shirts can also help get local businesses on board with funding your "new" uniform purchase.

6. "The ad says there are 100 uniforms, but we only need 50."
In most cases, uniforms are sold as a full lot only.  But consider the needs of a growing band - and hopefully your band program is growing.  You'll need more uniforms soon and there is no chance that you will ever get a deal like this again on this exact style and color of uniform.  Additionally, it takes about 70 uniforms to fit a band of 50 due to variations in sizes from year to year.  Go ahead and get those 100 - you won't regret it!
For uniforms in singles and small lots - check this page.